Real Time Web Analytics The John Blog, Megan Phelps-Roper has left the Westboro Baptist Church


Click the link to read her discussion about her decision. I am extremely glad to know that she made the very difficult decision to go against her family and find her own way. Megan is one of the few members of WBC I have talked to a few times in the past but she was one that made me most doubt the sincerity of the message WBC tries to preach, I didn’t see that hate in her. She seemed too human, too real, too sane to be a part of the rest of that collective. It made me doubt that the WBC is really about what they say they are about, but maybe it was just Megan. I hope for the best for her in her future and I sincerely hope she will find a wave of support for having the courage and strength to leave her disgusting family behind.

If you pull up Netflix and play Kevin Smith’s Q&A special, (Kevin Smith Burn In Hell I think) he has a long bit about Westboro picketing his movie ‘Red State’ and he spends time speculating about her, and you’ll see why I am not surprised but still pleased by this.

It’s hard to go against what you’ve been raised into, especially such hate, so good for her.

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    Nice typo there in the last sentence :-)
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    I like how she talks about it being a slow revelation that maybe they were a little crazy at that church.
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    The reason “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” is that it leads to questions. What it’s dangerous to is...
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    I can’t imagine what it was like to grow up like that, but I know it has to take a lot of guts to leave it behind. Good...
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